Land Rover Hot Tub

Land Rover Hot Tub

Soakin’ it all up

Some projects come with perks. This was one of them.


So the brief comes across my desk: A quirky BnB needs photos of their new hot tub designed to attract more customers across the cold winter months …oh, and the hot tub is inside a Land Rover Series 3! What?! Okay, well I guess I should have known something special was coming as I’ve been hired a few times before by Little Place In The Country who are experts at crafting unique spaces designed to delight, relax & inspire.




So am I free to take the job? Why yes, thank you, I would love to stay at your BnB and soak in the hot tub under the stars all evening. Well, I say all evening but to get the shots needed I had to shoot from the hour before sunset, throughout twilight and into the dead of night to get the stars peeking out from behind the clouds. Then bed to get a good night’s rest before being up an hour before dawn to catch the first light. But in the middle there I definitely made sure to get some good soak time in!



Boasting over now; so what actually goes into a shoot like this? Well, when you schedule a shoot over winter in the South West of England, it’s 90% checking the weather forecast and praying! After that you just have to turn up with enough time, scout the angles, check the position of where the sun will be, position lights, move the odd piece of farmyard equipment from the background, make sure we’ve got some good props (posh BBQ, fire roaring, wine poured), and try to convince the owner that we’ll get way more bookings if he wears a Speedo and does the superman pose (unsuccessful).




Finally, with the prep work put in, at that point it is just working your way through the shot list and hoping that if you encounter anything unexpected your problem solving skills will move faster than the setting sun!




However, all went to plan and I got all the shots we wanted which meant that I got to enjoy a blissful couple of hours in the tub!

Special thanks to Ralph and everyone at Little Place In The Country for a great shoot as always.