Brian & Jenn Johnson – HTB London

Brian & Jenn Johnson – HTB London

Live music photography

Up until May this year I lived in California where I was running the conference and promotional photography for a large church called Bethel. They had a lot of musicians and speakers coming through who they needed images of at their events.


Brian & Jenn Johnson are two of their leading artists from Bethel Music and they were on tour in London recently. I managed to make it along last Sunday evening and, well, fall back into old habits I guess you could say.



I managed to catch up with a number of old friends who were touring along with them or attending the event. It is always good to go up to London, I always find it such a social place. Always someone to talk to and something interesting to go see.



After the event, as it was Guy Fawkes Night, there was even a massive bonfire for us to gather around to warm our hands and chat as we sheltered a little longer from the chill of an autumnal London night.