Australia – Sydney

Australia – Sydney

Travel photography

So, I’ve shot the wedding and moved on from Perth to Sydney. My hard drive is feeling a bit heavier under the weight of all those photos but I’m not concentrating on that too much when I have friends to see and places to explore.



First I met up with an old room-mate, Jackson, who is from Sydney and we caught up while exploring the coastlands around the northern shores of Sydney. I was definitely impressed with the size of the waves.


We also took some time to track down some local wildlife. I really can’t resist trying to get close to animals and it is always a struggle for me to decide how much to pursue the shot and how much to just put the camera down and enjoy them. And by enjoy them, I of course mean try to rub their fuzzy bellies.



While in Sydney we also spent a bit of time downtown; which for me means more street photography. I would have liked to spend a bit longer doing this but we were on a pretty tight schedule going from place to place. I’d love to make it back some time though.



So, with only three days in Sydney I feel like I had a pretty good go of doing a flyby of the city and surrounding areas as well as taking the time to catch up with a few friends who were also in town. It was definitely a fun experience and I am enjoying Australia more and more. People keep asking if I’m going to be one of those ‘poms’ who moves over permanently. Well, with lots of great light, interesting places and faces to photograph, we’ll see. Finally, I had to take a few unashamedly touristy shots. So I’ll leave you with a landmark you might recognise.