Australia – Perth I

Australia – Perth I

Travel photography

This week on the blog I am flying by the seat of my pants a bit. Usually I prepare blog posts a little way in advance to make sure I have a steady stream of content for you all but for the next few weeks I’m going to be travelling round Australia (first time here!!) and figured it might be a fun experience to blog about as I go.


So I’m doing something a bit unusual for me while I’m out here. I’m shooting a destination wedding (well, destination for me at least). Now weddings aren’t normally my thing which you might be able to tell if you’ve had a look at my portfolio. I think it is best to usually leave the weddings to the type of professional that lives and breathes them, but I have some great friends who invited me out to be their photographer so who can really say ‘no’ to a trip round the world to hang out with amazing friends?


As Mr Zack Arias said:

“For me there are three value levels I assess when going up for a job. The monetary value. The creative value. The experience value.

Photograph 48 employee headshots in the breakroom of a corporate location in the suburbs? Monetary value.

Photograph an up and coming talented musician with no budget but freedom to shoot anything and everything I want? Creative value.

Travel to new places, see new things, and have the bill paid by someone else? Experience value.”

This is definitely one of those jobs where the experience is the big draw.


So I travelled for a long, long, long time from the UK, via Singapore, (Where those first two shots are from – butterfly garden in the airport lounge? You are doing something right, Singapore.) and finally made it to Perth where I’ll be shooting the wedding of my wonderful friends Justin & Lauren.



After taking a couple of days to get over jetlag I’ve begun to explore the city a bit now. We have a quick selection of that here as I visited Swan River for a BBQ to catch up with friends and begin Justin’s Buck Party.

There’ll be more coming here for the rest of the month as I travel round more of Perth and then head on over to the east to see Sydney and the Gold Coast so come back and lets see if I find the time and wifi to get these up from the road!