Australia – Gold Goast

Australia – Gold Goast

Travel photography

My final instalment from Australia comes a couple of days after touching down back in England. I’ve shaken off the jetlag like a champ and am happily jumping back into normal life far from any beach, sunshine or even the memory of warmth.



I spent the last few days of my trip on the Gold Coast. We road tripped up the New South Wales coast taking in certain certain important spots like Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour where I had the best curry I’ve had so far in my life! Who knew? We spent a few days hanging out with friends in the Gold Coast, exploring beaches, nearly buying vintage junk in yard sales, and finding good coffee & food.



While exploring one of the beaches we went on a coastal walk and came across some large lizards called water dragons like this. They were everywhere and not too jumpy if you approach slowly. That was pretty fun and a nice addition to my search for wildlife on this trip.



Finally we drove a further three hours north to Noosa. This was a non-negotiable for me, you see, because I just had to see this beach. Now, don’t get the wrong end of the stick on this, I make no claims to having been to all the best beaches in the world. That is not what this is about. I just had to see Noosa as when I was still a small boy my Aunty & Uncle had a golden retriever named after this beach and I loved that dog and simply had to see its namesake.




That is Noosa beach above and the end of my journey northwards on Australia’s east coast. Click to see the panorama a little larger.

After making it so far, it was time to return home by retracing my journey so far. Driving 15 hours south back to Sydney, flying 5 hours west back to Perth, another 5 up to Singapore and then 13 to London. It was quite the trip but it was kinda nice to return home via all the spots I’ve visited so far and reflect upon all that has gone on this trip.