I am English and as such I find it rather hard to make a big deal out of myself. It just seems so indiscreet.

People will often hear I’m a photographer or see me on a shoot and ask if I’m any good or if I’ve got any good shots. What am I meant to say to that? I usually find the best way to answer is sneaky little “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” Because if the proof of the pudding is in the eating then the proof of the photographer is probably on another page of this website titled portfolio or something like that.

Of course there are other reasons I make a good photographer, just being friendly and engaging helps. Being willing to talk, communicate and get back to people with answers that let them know they are valued is just as important to the process as delivering those final images (which you really should go look at if you haven’t by now).

But incase you don’t and are skimming this page from a mobile device that won’t load the images because your connection just won’t cut it then I’ll come out and say it. Just this once. And only because you pressed me.

Yes. I am very good. And you do want to hire me.

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